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Invitation to Pilot the OCASI Positive Space Assessment Tool

OCASI invites you to pilot the Positive Space Assessment Tool! 

The Positive Space Assessment Tool was designed by OCASI in 2013-2014 to benchmark organizational standards for serving LGBTQ+ newcomers. Designed for use by immigrant- and refugee-serving agencies in Ontario, the Tool can be used by organizations to: 

  • Understand clearly what a Positive Space is, involves, and looks like in both theory and practice
  • Assess how positive their space really is for LGBTQ+ newcomers and staff, including compliance with Ontario Human Rights Code laws and best practices in settlement services
  • Identify key strengths and target areas for improvement
  • Connect to necessary resources that are tailored based on need
  • Use assessment results as a catalyst to: - Access training - Create or revise policies - Consult with stakeholders - Pilot new initiatives, programs, partnerships, etc. 
  • Form organizational mentoring partnerships through OCASI (more info coming soon) - Appropriately match mentors and partners based on capacity and need
  • Evaluate effectiveness of change initiatives and monitor progress over time - This can be done by re-taking the Assessment Tool at a later date and comparing with previous results. 

This anonymous online questionnaire consists of 27 questions covering the six key areas of:

  • Policy & Implementation
  • Staff Knowledge
  • Accessibility & Inclusion
  • Organizational Culture
  • Resources & Programming
  • Ongoing Evaluation & Improvement. 

We would like to thank the OCASI Positive Spaces Initiative Advisory Committee who graciously gave their time, energy, wisdom, and encouragement in the development of this tool. Your knowledge, experience, and generosity are what made this possible.  If your organization is interested in piloting the Positive Space Assessment Tool, please contact Erin Ewing, Project Coordinator - Positive Spaces Initiative at or 416-322-4950 Ext 265 no later than Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Please note that your responses to the questionnaire will remain anonymous; what we are looking for is feedback on the Assessment Tool itself. Thank you very much! 

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