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What has the Positive Spaces Initiative been up to?


Delivering training and workshops!

We have been traveling throughout the province to deliver workshops to service providers across sectors on how to create welcoming spaces in their agencies and organizations that is inclusive and free from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Last year, we did lots of workshops in the Western, Central and Southern regions of Ontario. This year, we will continue to do training in these regions but we also want to go North and East! So if you are in the Northern and Eastern Ontario regions, please give us a shout so we can come and do the FREE positive spaces workshop.

Creating networks!

Positive Spaces is more than just a one-time workshop and training. It is a continuous process of identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation, inclusion and belonging. We want to create sustainability with the project so that there are ongoing support for service providers and community members on how to continue to create positive spaces and making sure that LGBTQ newcomers feel included and integrated in the society. We are connecting and collaborating with OCASI member agencies, LGBTQ serving organizations and community members to form regional networks to better facilitate the Positive Spaces Initiative. This network will also serve as spaces where everybody can support each other, share knowledge and resources on how to better serve the community.

Creating tools and resources!

The PSI has developed a Starter Kit, bookmarks, stickers and poster! The contents of the Kit were identified and created by and for the sector. The starter kit is a part of a larger campaign intended to bring greater visibility to the specific needs and experiences of LGBTQ newcomers and staff. You can download both the Starter Kit and Poster on the “Download a Starter Kit” section on this site.

A more fabulous website!

This year, our website will even be more fabulous with additional sections including regular blog posts, twitter feed, events page, and updated province-wide resources and links list. We also want to add a forum so that everyone can have online discussions, share knowledge, resources and build an online PSI community! One of the plans this year is also featuring profiles of agencies and organizations that are LGBTQ Newcomer Positive Spaces. We also want to feature LGBTQ newcomers’ stories to continue our Untold Stories Project! Read more about LGBTQ newcomer experiences on the “ Read the Untold Stories” section.

Promoting settlement services to LGBTQ newcomers and identify welcoming spaces!

The website and our social media will provide useful and current information about finding LGBTQ positive spaces and services in Ontario, information on finding trainings in your area and an opportunity to identify inclusive spaces available in your region. So don’t forget to follow us on twitter @ocasi_psi and check this site often!

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