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OrgWise - OCASI Organizational Standards Initiative

This is an organizational self-assessment and capacity-building tool that looks at ALL parts of an organization: Community Based Approach (which includes Positive Spaces), Governance and Strategic Leadership, Operations, and Human Resources. Please visit 


OrgWise assesses the health of organizations and identifies areas for growth. It is confidential, easy to use and provides comprehensive reports, chart and work plan for Organizational development.


OrgWise Assessment helps to inform and prioritize organization capacity and professional development trainings for staff and organization leaders. It provides electronic resources such as sample policies, templates, webinars, videos and guides to increase your organizations’ effectiveness.


OrgWise Assessment benchmarks organizations against a set of voluntary Standards developed by and for the immigrant and refugees-serving sector. It also standardizes a framework for organizational accountability, sector priorities and capacity development training needs.

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OrgWise - Organizational Standards Self-Assessment Tool is an integrated and coordinated approach aimed at facilitating organizational capacity and infrastructure development in four main areas of the OrgWise voluntary Standards (A Community Based Approach, Governance and Strategic Leadership, Operations, and Human Resources). Developed with the unique needs of the immigrant and refugee-serving sector in mind, this tool aims to strengthen capacity and increased accountability at the Organization and sector levels. The OrgWise Standards and Indicators also serve as:

  • A means to effectively measure and gauge the health of organizations and an important risk management practice
  • A tool to identify organization strengths, celebrate successes, champion activities and address organizational development issues
  • An important benchmark for governing organizational management, accountability and development principles
  • An effective operational tool to integrate in organizational development and strategic planning e.g., upcoming funding proposals and reporting mechanisms
  • A resource to communicate organizational strengths and achievements with communities and stakeholders
  • A capacity development, knowledge and resource hub for organizations and their personnel 
  • A bridging tool for agencies to connect and share strategies with their peers and leading organizational development experts to build capacity

Completing your organizations’ assessment helps to inform sector priorities and trainings OCASI as the council offers to the immigrant and refugee-serving sector. 

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