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A Positive Space is a Healthy Place - OPHA Manual

This is the A Positive Space is a Healthy Place Manual published by the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) in 2011. It is designed to support the health sector and other community organizations in becoming Positive Spaces for LGBTQ+ clients, staff, and stakeholders.

Please note that because this manual was published in 2011, there have been important legal changes in Ontario that are not reflected in the Legislation section of this document - specifically, as of 2012, "gender identity" and "gender expression" are explicitly included as protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code. 


Introduction to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

  • Definitions of Terms Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • How Heterosexism, Transphobia, Biphobia and Homophobia Hurt LGBTQ People
  • 10 Ways LGBT Oppression Affects Straight People
  • Selected Historical Events
  • LGBT Symbols of Pride
  • Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Scale
  • Klein Scale
  • Legislation
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Health Care
  • Consumer's Bill of Rights

Positive Space

  • Positive Space and LGBT Cultural Competency in the Workplace

Assessing Your Workplace

  • Creating a Positive Space in Public Health Units and Community Health Centres in Ontario 
  • Personal Assessment Tool
  • Workplace Assessment Tool
  • Personnel Policies and Practices 

Planning Your Workshop

  • Planning a Positive Space Workshop for your Workplace

Raising Awareness / Sensitivity 

  • LGBT Opinion Poll
  • Attitudes Towards Homosexuality
  • Heterosexism and Heterosexual Privilege
  • Numbers Exercise
  • The Name Game
  • The Barnyard Game
  • Coming Out Stars
  • "On Being Gay"
  • Journey Through Life
  • A Personal Story
  • What It's Like to Be Me

Education: The Facts

  • LGBT Bingo
  • Definitions Match-up
  • Kinsey and Klein - Mini-Lecture
  • Jeopardy Game

Building Skills

  • Positive Space Case Scenarios
  • Responsibilities of a Positive Space Ally
  • Placemat


  • LGBT Health Resources
  • Homosexuality and the Law
  • For Service Providers
  • What is an Ally?
  • Supporting LGBT Individuals
  • Supporting an LGBT Friend
  • Talking to Your Child
  • Being an Ally for LGBTQ People