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Latest Resources

Stories of Arab Intersex Individuals

In the Arab world particularly, knowledge and medicolegal frameworks about
intersexuality seem inexistent with no publications to date on the matter. Therefore, this
study aims to highlight certain experiences of intersex individuals in this region as well
as physicians’ practices. Hence, the authors suggest this first-of-its-kind study as a first
step to fill the enormous gap on the practices performed on intersex individuals in this


This article, by scholar Alfred Chabbour, Rim Chehab andElie Charro, seeks to explore gaps in service provision.

Theorizing Conscious Black Asexuality through Claire Kann’s Let’s Talk about Love

This article is by the scholar, Brittney Miles, University of Cincinatti

Asexuality is often defined as some degree of being void of sexual attraction, interest, or desire. Black asexual people have been made invisible, silent, or pathologized in most fiction, scholarly literature, and mainstream LGBTQ movements. Claire Kann’s 2018 young adult romance novel, Let’s Talk About Love, explores Black asexuality at the intersection of race and (a)sexuality. Through the story of the Black, bi-romantic, asexual, 19 year-old college student Alice Johnston, this text illuminates the diversity of Black sexuality in the Black Diaspora. Using a Black feminist sociological literary analysis to complete a close reading of the novel, I interrogate what Let’s Talk about Love offers for defining a Black asexual politic. To consider Black asexual politics beyond the controlling images of the asexual Mammy figure, and not merely in juxtaposition to the hypersexual Jezebel, calls us to instead center agency and self-definition. This project seeks to answer what Conscious Black Asexuality is, why it is a necessary concept for asexuality studies and the Diaspora, where we locate Black asexuality in Black history, and how Let’s Talk about Love by Claire Kann presents a depiction of Black agentic queerness that reclaims agency and intimacy within one’s sexual politics.

A Ten Oaks Project

The Ten Oaks Project is a charitable, volunteer-driven organization that engages and connects children and youth from 2SLGBTQ+ (two spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer) identities, families, and communities.

The Ten Oaks Project engages and connects children and youth from LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer) communities through programs and activities rooted in play. Ten Oaks offer four annual camp programs to children and youth: Camp Ten Oaks (ages 8-17), Project Acorn (ages 16-24), Oak Grove Family Camp (all ages), and Camp Lifting Leaves (ages 8-21).

Intersex Resource Topics


The resources contain a rich bibliography of resources: academic and news articles, human rights rulings, policy statements, legal rulings, and other information related to intersex human rights, history, and medical treatments,

TransPulse Resource Guide

The Trans PULSE Resource Guide is a compilation of resources available for trans and transitioned people across Canada.

This resource, in its second edition, was last updated in September 2011. As the Trans PULSE Project wraps up, the guide will no longer be updated. Please note that information may be outdated.