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PSI News

IEP: Séries de webinaire

Dans le cadre de l’Initiative Espaces Positifs, OCASI se penche sur l’expérience des personnes immigrantes et réfugiées LGBTQIA+ (incluant les personnes lesbiennes, gaies, bisexuelles, transgenres, allosexuelles, queer et autres). Les personnes LGBTQIA+ font souvent face à des défis importants, dont une marginalisation au sein de leurs familles, de leurs communautés d’appartenance et de la société en générale.

Accessibility Initiative Webinar Series

We are delighted to share this webinar series, courtesy of our sister project, the Accessibility Initiative.

Moving to a new country presents many challenges and opportunities for newcomers. The settlement process can be especially challenging for newcomers with in/visible disabilities. Learning who newcomers with in/visible disabilities are, how to welcome and support them is something the settlement sector is becoming more aware of.

Positive Spaces Initiative Webinar Series

As part of a series of new offerings this year, we are excited to present two new webinar series. One will be geared for Frontline workers, while the other will be geared for Managers, Board Members, and Executive Directors.

Fostering Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ Newcomers: A Webinar Series for Executive Directors and Managers

Webinar 1: LGBTQ: The Basics you need to know for Executive Director's and Managers
Thursday, December 5th, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. -2:00 p.m.
Speaker: Jeremy Dias

Endangered Identities in Grenada: A conversation with LGBTI activist Nigel Mathlin

Grenadians recently voted against a constitutional amendment to enshrine gender equality. Come and hear the effect this and other developments have on LGBTI human rights on the island and find out how Canadian residents can most effectively provide support.

The Solidarity Alliance is holding a training with OCASI on Feb 9th!

The Solidarity Alliance is holding a training with OCASI on Feb 9th! The focus is reducing barriers for LGBTQ+ newcomers, and an introduction to the Positive Space Initiative. There's also time for Q&A and networking!

Feb 9th at KPL from 4:30-7:30 and registration is FREE! Please share