Intersex Resources

Stories of Arab Intersex Individuals

In the Arab world particularly, knowledge and medicolegal frameworks about
intersexuality seem inexistent with no publications to date on the matter. Therefore, this
study aims to highlight certain experiences of intersex individuals in this region as well
as physicians’ practices. Hence, the authors suggest this first-of-its-kind study as a first
step to fill the enormous gap on the practices performed on intersex individuals in this


This article, by scholar Alfred Chabbour, Rim Chehab andElie Charro, seeks to explore gaps in service provision.

Intersex Resource Topics


The resources contain a rich bibliography of resources: academic and news articles, human rights rulings, policy statements, legal rulings, and other information related to intersex human rights, history, and medical treatments,

Webinar: Language for better conversations about intersex

Cody Smith, the Senior Project Officer with Intersex Human Rights Australia, presents a deep dive into the complexities of language in the intersex space. A lot of the language used among community members is complex and nuanced, engaging with often conflicting ideas of what it means to live with an innate variation in sex characteristics. A lot of this nuance is further lost in broader discussions where terminology developed for LGBTQA+ communities can be harmful to intersex discourse. 

This webinar offers an opportunity to bring all those awkward questions you have about language, ideas, and communication, and pick it apart with someone who relishes the challenge of having better conversations about human rights. This webinar took place and recorded on February 23rd, 2022.  

Resources for Parents of Intersex Children

This is a resource for parents of intersex children, which includes general guidelines for navigating the healthcare system and navigating conversations with your child, your family, and with schools. Since being intersex is often confused with gender identity, we have included a handy guide to help parents understand this distinction themselves, and more easily explain it to others. A curated resource list is included at the end for further information. It is important to keep in mind that you and your child are partners embarking on this journey. An important part of your role is to preserve and support your child's autonomy while providing guidance and resources when needed.

'Intersex and Ageing' Speech by Morgan Carpenter of OII - Intersex Australia

This is the text of a speech given on intersex and ageing to a New South Wales audience on Monday 2 February 2015 by Morgan Carpenter of OII - Intersex Australia. It follows the 2012 publication of an intersex-inclusive national strategy for LGBTI ageing and aged care. A massive subsequent shift in terminology from LGBT to LGBTI hasn’t been matched by an increase in understanding or action. This speech addresses some of these issues.