Trans resources

TransPulse Resource Guide

The Trans PULSE Resource Guide is a compilation of resources available for trans and transitioned people across Canada.

This resource, in its second edition, was last updated in September 2011. As the Trans PULSE Project wraps up, the guide will no longer be updated. Please note that information may be outdated. 

A Qualitative Look at Serious Legal Problems: Trans, Two-Spirit, and Non-Binary People in Canada

A research report released in the summer of 2022 by the Department of Justice Canada. It examines the extent and effects of legal problems experienced particularly by transgender, two-spirit, and non-binary people for the last three years. The report consists of semi-structured interviews with 27 transgender, two-spirit, and non-binary people recruited across Canada. It shows that numerous legal problems encountered by the research participants have “lasting social and legal consequences” that expose them to additional problems in the future. These legal problems were categorized thematically under five domains: (1) legal statuses; (2) economic security and standard of living; (3) health care and services; (4) violence and other forms of abuse; and (5) detention facilities and law enforcement.

Health and well-being among non-binary people: Social Supports and Barriers to Healthcare

People who identify as non-binary are those whose gender identities resist/reject the gender binary (man vs. woman). They include people who identify with a gender other than man or woman, who do not identify with any gender, or who have a gender identity that fluctuates, among other identities. Previous research has found that up to 1 in 3 transgender (trans) people identify as non-binary. Thus, although not all non-binary people identify as transgender or trans, it is important to consider the unique experiences of non-binary people when assessing the health and well-being of broader trans communities. This is a report released by TransPulse Canada in 2021, it details the experiences of trans and nonbinary peoples navigating Canadian healthcare systems.

Trans and Gender Diverse Mental Health, Wellness and Suicide Prevention Toolkit

SPECTRUM, Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space, developed this toolkit on trans mental wellness and suicide prevention in response to trans community needs and priorities. Given that many trans and gender diverse people struggle with suicide, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, this toolkit was created to:

1) Help trans and gender diverse people in and beyond Waterloo Region who may be struggling with suicidality or poor mental health.

2) Provide concrete tools and strategies to service providers working with trans and gender diverse people on inclusive care and trans suicide prevention.

3) Support parents, caregivers, friends and loved ones of trans and gender diverse people to be supportive of trans and gender diverse people in their lives.

4) Increase awareness of trans mental health and suicidality in and beyond Waterloo Region.

Trans Toolkits Collective

A local Toronto collective that “builds and delivers customized gender essentials to those in need.” Each toolkit is customized to fit the request and they’re always looking for volunteers to help put them together. This is such an essential service for Trans folks during Covid-19 days and beyond.

Trans Fusion Crew at SOY

The Trans Fusion Crew - a weekly drop-in group to explore, learn about and share experiences of gender and everything else - traditionally held a drop-in every Thursday at the Sherbourne Health Clinic, but Covid-19 has put in-person meetups on pause. For now TFC is still running as part of the SOY Community Check-In which happens every Tuesday 5-6:30pm on Zoom, along with the other groups like BQY, Newcomer Express, and Intersections.

Folks are also welcome to reach out to for more info, and Zoom codes and other info including Mature Trans Sisters, gender journeys, and the surgical groups.

Mod Club

Mod Club is a transguy and non-binary transition research and community website. It brings resources and community in one place. They also have a Youtube channel and their own podcast! You can sign up on the site for free and get access to things like a surgery gallery, curated affiliate stores, connections to other member. It provides an access to a welcoming trans community.

BindersOUT - Binder Request Form

BindersOUT is a grassroots program formed in 2016 to give transmasculine people and other trans folx access to affordable (and safe!) chest binding. They are currently based in Toronto, Ontario.

They prioritize making binders accessible at local drop-ins and support groups, including those geared towards youth & teens, trans folx of colour, and trans folx struggling with homelessness or finances.

If you are in need of a PWYC binder, please fill out the linked form and they will be in touch when one is available for you!

Become More Welcoming of Trans People

These series of slides provide useful tips, strategies, and information on trans inclusion in practice including, avoiding harmful phrasing and terminology, building organizational capacity, adopting gender neutral language, and tools for social media and communications.