Transphobia, Homophobia: Newcomer Perspectives

Collage layering images of a couples embracing, individual holding up trans flag, and someone holding a yellow flower to their face. Text reads: The Rise of Transphobia, Homophobia: Newcomer Perspectives A Virtual Roundtable, March 21 12-2 pm, Register Here

Last month, OCASI PSI and ACAS (Asian Community AIDS Services) hosted a webinar called "What's Going On in Ontario Schools", where we addressed concerns within newcomer communities, including common myths, around 2SLGBTQIA+ policies in schools.

In this follow up roundtable, we will continue discussing the impact of recent transphobic legislation in several Canadian provinces, and how to support queer/trans youth in our communities in the midst of transphobia and homophobia.

Our prior event focused on the education system as a context for transphobic and homophobic legislation. On March 21, 12pm, OCASI PSI will host three incredible speakers from the community to offer important insights on sociopolitical dynamics between newcomer communities and the far-right effort to garner support for transphobic and homophobic legislation and policies.

Our wonderful speakers, gitanjali lena, Allos Abis, and Beverly Bain, will be offering perspectives that consider the bigger picture of transphobia and homophobia within and surrounding newcomer communities. They will be answering your questions about what you can do to support peer newcomer LGBTQIA+ individuals as settlement service providers, allies, and community members.


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